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So let me tell you guys a little bit about myself.. When I turned 18 I became a webcam model. I thought I was sooo lucky to find a job that combines all of my fav things... read more
Age: 23
Drink: on occasion, two or three times a month.. but when I do get tipsy, watch out! :)
Eyes: hazel.. they change color sometimes with my mood :)
Hair: Blonde and long but always changing :)
Height: 5'2"
Heritage: I'm 50% Lithuanian, French and a couple other things
Hometown: Chicago, Baltimore, and now SoCal
Measurements: 33-26-34 yep, I'm a "spinner"
My Sign: Pisces March 3
Pets: I live alone with my doggie, Caspian. He weighs 140lbs and is a big mean guard dog and my best friend :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aaliyah Love and Ashley Steel fuck her pussy

Aaliyah Love Ashley Steel fuck her pussy
Ashley Steel is such a cutie! She's got such a tight little pussy I can barely fit 2 finger sin sometimes! But if I lick it and get it nice and wet first, I can slip this dildo right in and make her cum hard! Purrrrrr!!!:)

brought to you by: Aaliyah Love

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